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Blaine Historical Society

  Greenberry Chambers

   Learn abdout an early      
   resident of Blaine Township 
   and his journey from slavery        
   to freedom in Anoka County
Blaine History Displays
We are proud of our city's history and work to shed light on the people, places and events that have shaped Blaine.  

Take a tour through our poster displays and the supporting documents for fascinating facts and little-known background.  

Creation of these displays is an ongoing project.  If you have ideas or information for future displays, please let us know.
Check out the most current poster, on display at Blaine City Hall

Now on display

  James T. Elwell

   Builder of the "Elwell Grade" 
   (forerunner of Lexington 
   Avenue), Investor, Farmer, 
   Legislator and Businessman

  Radisson Farm

   Explore a part of Blaine's 
   agricultural heritage - and a 
   vanished location with links
   to a Minnesota icon

  James G. Blaine

   Find out about the city's  
   namesake - who he was, how 
   it was decided and why he 
   was chosen

  Northtown Mall

   Discover the signts and 
   stories of Blaine's major  
   retail site and how it changed 
   shopping in the 1970's

  Anoka County Airport

   Known as Janes Field, this 
   airport has roots in the 
   infancy of aviation and still 
   links Blaine to the world